Vision 10: NCA 10 Year Strategy

A view of our next decade. Our Vision starts now. Vision 10 logo.PNG

With Northern Care Alliance becoming one single NHS Foundation Trust on October 1, 2021, we now have a clear focus on our ambitions and what we want to achieve.

Over the next decade, it’s our ambition that NCA will become the safest and most effective organisation in the NHS. We want it to be a place people all over the country will want to work. We want to challenge inequalities and improve health in all our Places. 

We want to help improve the lives of patients, families and carers, across all our communities. And all our colleagues and volunteers within the NCA family - because we know that improving lives means supporting our People to be healthy and happy in their profession.

Our long-term plan - Vision 10, combines years of listening, feedback and insight from our People, our Populations and our Partners across our health and care services and learning from NHS organisations beyond our own. 

Our Six Ambitions: how we’ll get there

Together we believe we can achieve our Vision and make change happen by following six clear ambitions, in which our People, Partners and Populations can all play their part.

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Professor Michael Luger, Chairman of NCA explains:

“We know that it’s going to be a challenge, given the continued pressures faced by colleagues – our NCA family and the changing environment we work in. But we are optimistic and hopeful that together we can achieve our ambitions, working to meet the needs of local populations and communities. We can’t do this without our 20,000 colleagues, volunteers, members and partners.  All have worked tirelessly to get us to this stage and during the most challenging times the NHS has had to face.”

Changes are already happening in the NCA. But we know, there is much more to do. Continuing that success and achieving our Vision, is part of our ongoing journey and we must listen to what needs to change, and learn, to make positive change happen.

What are we doing right now?

We have agreed a set of measures for achieving our ambitions and supporting our Vision through tools and enablers, such as through our Digital, Estates, Quality Improvement, Leadership Development, and Research & Innovation teams.

What will we do in the future? 

We will continue to talk to our Populations, Partners and People about our longer-term plans. Asking about their own expectations and aspirations for the next 10 years. As part of our wider People engagement, including feedback from national and local surveys and other channels, we will be engaging on refreshing our NCA values and behaviours, which will be rolled out across the organisation.

See our Vision 10 plan for our ambitions and to find out more. 

PDF version of the plan is also available for download.

There is also a summary document available to download, along with an interactive version.

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